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Brighton Rotary News Feb 9 2018
Members: 11
Guests: Prospective member Jeff Wheeldon  who took an application, Exchange student Emmy, ADG Shirley Ross from Colborne Rotary, and Trenton Rotaryian Chris King
  • R Dave has asked for leave of absence and stepping down from current and future roles in the Club. Dave said he and Jean will still host Emmy in the spring.
  • Board meeting at R Pat's home February 20th.
  • No Frills $1,000 raffle in March. R Murray circulated sign up sheet for shifts each weekend in March
  • District Conference next year to be held in Wellington October 27th. 'Rotary Reunion'. Easy to attend and minimal cost. Register in D7070 web site, also opportunity to host fellow Rotarian from away.
  • Campbellford Super Hero Trivia Night - Saturday February 24 at Rotary Hall. Doors open at 6pm, starts at 7pm. $100 entry per team of up to 8 members. Prizes and fun. To register contact Rob Pope at 705-760-1608 or Email:
  • Loyalist College undergraduate awards event March 1, 2018. Looking for representative for Rotary busary.
  • RLI sessions to be held at Centennial College February 24. Go to District 7070 website for more info.
  • Brighton Rotary Golf Tournament at Barcovan June 18, 2018
  • R Emily, Alan and Steve to attend Grants seminar in Oshawa Feb 10
  • Request received from teacher at ENSS to support Indigenous Studies Education Initiatives at ENSS.
  • Mark Chipman of the Rotary Club of Whitby Sunrise nominated as the D7070 Governor for 2020 / 21.
  • D7070 Curling Bonspiel - Sunday March 25 - 9am to 2pm  at Oshawa Golf and Country Club. Cost = $200 per team.
  • D7070 Membership Seminar #1 to be held at Cobourg Best Western - Saturday April 7, 8am to 2pm.
  • Trenton Rotary Surf & Turf dinner and auction to be held at Air Force Museum - Friday April 27. More info to come.
  • Request for support of Marmora and Brighton Girl Guides trip to east coast in June.
  • Many thanks to the Brighton and Trenton Rotary clubs for welcoming me into the spelling bee this past Monday.  I had always been strong in spelling as a youngster but never had the opportunity to see or participate in a spelling bee, and on Monday I had that chance! You've probably heard that we had a perfect score until they gave us a word that we had never even heard of -- logorrhea.  Needless to say, we missed out on that word and ended up in 3rd place.  (I think they called it Honourable Mention but I'm a math teacher so I'm putting a number on it!) I was very glad that Jinni chose to highlight the plight facing many of our adults -- illiteracy -- and that the local Rotary clubs are putting energy and attention into promoting literacy in children by running the spelling bees.  I'm not sure if you knew this but I work in adult education -- I'm a teacher/guidance counsellor and I run the adult day school program (i.e. an adult high school) in downtown Oshawa for the Durham District School Board.  Adult literacy and numeracy skills are topics near and dear to my heart. As I drove back home after the spelling bee, it dawned on me that I too could run my own spelling bee for our adult students.  It'll be on a much smaller scale than what your club does but I'm sure the students and I will have as much fun as we all did on Monday night.  I'm looking at running it one or two lunch breaks a week, using teams of 3 students apiece and following rules similar to what we had on Monday. I've already mentioned it to my vice principal and she heartily approves it.  We started a new term today and once the dust settles with that, I'll be getting it up and running.  We have a great group of students here and I think we'll have enough participants for about 8 or 10 teams. Thank you again for the opportunity to participate on Monday.  I should add that, when I got to work the next day, I told colleagues about participating in the spelling bee and many were jealous!  I can't help but wonder if there are enough adults in Brighton who might want to participate in such a venture -- might be an idea for a small fundraiser at some point in the future! Sincerely, Suzanne Scanlon, Friend of Rotary.
Mem bership Challenge
Time Period - December 1, 2017 to March 31, 2018
1. Teams consist of each of the 3 POD's.
2. Points: 1 point for the presence of a guest as a potential member; 2 points if the guest takes a membership application; 3 points when the guest is inducted.
3. Upon receipt of the application, the usual process for dealing with the application is to be followed.
4. The team at March 31 with the greatest number of points is the winner.
5. Members of the winning team (POD) are to be treated to a breadfast at the expense of the losing teams at a regular Breakfast meeting.
Suggestion - POD's can identify potential individuals to be approached and a Rotarian to approach and invite the individual to join us.
Scores - POD#1 = 1+2 for Lidia taking application Jan 12
POD#2 = 1 + 2 for Jeff taking application Feb 9
POD#3 = 1 for Lee visiting Feb 2
Now we have a competition. Let's 'ASK'.
Song - Edelweiss
50/50 - $15.00 won by R Steve who donated to Polio Plus
Happy Bucks:  for speaker, for vacation south, for Bentwood Rocker CD's / music, good day
Rotary Minute: R Dan shared history of when past R Al Ronneberger bought Brighton Marina from Pearall's, then as a long standing Rotarian and member in Colborne initiated creation of the Brighton Rotary club in 1988. Brighton charter in June 1989.
Student - Emmy's Bucket List
Christmas and Fairs
Join different sports
Blue Jay game
Wonderland in Toronto
Riding a forest trail in the fall
Fire a firework in daylight
Try surfing
Joining YMCA
Quinte Economic Development Commission
R Mark introduced R Chris King. Chris is the CEO of the Quinte Economic Development Commission (QEDC).
QEDC represents the City of Belleville, City of Quinte West and the Municipality of Brighton. These municipalities are linked through their workforce. 47% of Brightonians are employed in the Quinte Region.
R Mark sits on the board of directors. QEDC is funded by the three Municipalities at rate of $3.95 / capita. They have a 3x's multiplier to leverage funds.
QEDC's object is to attract investment of manufactures and retention. The Quinte area is good at food manufacturing and processing. Manufacturing creates wealth in the area. It brings in net new dollars to the local economy. From the Quinte region, products are shipped around the world.
11,000 work in manufacturing.
QEDC is an award winning organization, recognized for the work they do. They attend many trade shows, network, and use social media to promote the region. They also assist manufacturers access funding, and help them find opportunities to expand.
Chris stressed need to network, contact prospective influencers multiple times to work to get them to the area.
Chris had a box of local goodies, all produced in the Quinte Region (including the box). The box was auctioned to members and R Victoria was the happy recipient  at a cost.
Service Above Self