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Rotary District Conf 2022
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Brighton Rotary News Mar 23 2022
WE met in person and on line today
We have a Brighton Rotary Channel. Check out:;;
Members: 10
Guests: Terri Lynn joined us this morning.
We are writing from Rotary Club of Markham Sunrise and are asking for your Club’s participation in helping us with a project that is providing urgently needed medical supplies to the frontlines in Ukraine. Our Club through its separate foundation (Markham Rotary Club Foundation) has been working with a volunteer group called Canadians Care Collective Fund and with other Canadian volunteers and varioussuppliers on this project. Our goal is to fill and deliver a plane full of medical supplies.  It takes approximately 50 pallets to fill a plane @ $5,000/pallet = Our Goal of $250,000. We have all the infrastructure already in place. We launched this initiative on March 9th and have raised $27,175 within the first week. On March 18th we were able to send two palettes of medical supplies for shipping to Poland for distribution by civilian volunteers there to defined priority areas within Ukraine. The situation in Ukraine has touched the hearts of many Canadians and we feel a call to action. We are moving supplies to “Green Zone” areas in  Ukraine as quickly and efficiently as possible and we could make so much more of an impact if we had the help and support of other Rotary clubs in our district 7070. Our only overhead cost is a 4% (per donation) charge from our online platform. We have no other administration or fundraising fees. We are buying medical supplies at cost and we are currently able to ship without additional fees. By working together, all Rotary clubs in the District will reach a larger audience and will have a much bigger impact in raising funds for this very worthy cause. We are requesting your Club’s participation in this project. We hope that each Club in District 7070 and beyond would participate by contributing $2,000 towards this worthwhile cause (or whatever your Club can afford would be appreciated). We would also ask for your assistance in helping us spread the word to others. Our fundraiser webpage is available at: "” where individual donations can be made online. All donations over $3 are eligible for a charitable tax receipt. For Clubs that want to patriciate and contribute, you can contact us directly by email at to let us know your Club wants to contribute and we will provide instructions to you for making payment to our Club’s foundation by e-transfer or cheque if your Club prefers to make payment that way instead of donating online. If you can assist us in any other way, please feel free to contact us. Thanking you in advance, Rotary  Club of Markham Sunrise / Markham Rotary Club Foundation Ukraine fundraising project team leaders Email:
Website: <
Smile: blush
Hello, is this the Police?
Yes, what do you want?
I'm calling to report about my neighbour Billy Smith! He is hiding marijuana inside his firewood.
Thank you very much for the call sir.
The next day, the Police descend on Billy's house. They search the shed where the firewood is kept. Using axes, they bust open every piece of wood, but find no marijuana so the swore at Billy and left.
The phone rings at Billy's house: Hey Billy Bob! Did the Police come?
Did they chop your firewood?
Happy Birthday Buddy.
  • Next board meeting will be held at R Steve B's home on April 19th. at 6:30pm. (101 Raglan Street)
  • Diners and Duffers books will be available and going fast. Already 74 sold and paid for. R Chris only has 8 books left.
  • R Bob had heart surgery, at home and doing well.
  • The Hoselton Rotary Friendship Tree will sell for suggested retail price of $39.95. Trees are now available for sale. R Liesje advised that the Environmental Committee Chair has reached out to her about this program.
  • Spring 'on-line' auction. Go get donations!! R Liesje has distributed electronically draft letters requesting support, poster and donation receipt.
  • R Daniel will have another concert at the Smokehouse April 2. Again proceeds to be split between Rotary and the Beacon Youth Centre
  • We are looking to hold our next bottle drive on a Saturday in March 26th.
  • R Liesje is organizing with ENSS Environmental Club a tree planting event tentative date May 17 at 11am.
  • Further to the request to sponsor young women and her two children who are refugees from Kenya and currently in Tansania. R Clay has talked to her and asking if the club is willing to pursue this. She is 37 with a son in grade 6 and daughter in grade 2. She is a human rights activist and fled her home in Kenya after 5 killings of other human rights activists and her own life felt threatened. The club is interested in supporting her. She will speak to the club via Zoom March 30th.
  • ENSS graduation tentative June 29th.
  • We are planning possible Street Dance in July, Interclub BBQ August 15 and asking support of other clubs, and President's BBQ shared by P Joyce and PE Emily at 135 Bayshore Road June 25th.
  • R Murray no longer has a cell phone, best way to reach him is via Pamela's cell number 905-483-8149 or house landline 613 439-8841. His email address remains .
  • The Rotary Foundation (TRF) requires all Rotary and Rotaract Clubs that want to apply for a District or Global Grant to be qualified. This is a yearly requirement. TRF has given the Districts the responsibility to administer the qualification process. The requirement to be qualified applies to Clubs that want to be the Host or International Partner for Global Grant projects and Clubs that want to lead/apply for a District Grant project. Clubs must remain qualified throughout the life of a grant project. While District Grant projects normally are completed within a Rotary year, Global Grant projects typically take two or three years to finish. Both the Host and International Partner must remain qualified during these years. Clubs that only want to financially support a Global or District Grant project are encouraged to be qualified; however, it is not mandatory. A few years ago, D7070 changed the qualification process from holding a seminar in early February to an online format. The process now consists of three modules, posted on the District’s website under the Rotary Foundation tab. ( The three modules are titled, The Rotary Foundation, Global Grants and District Grants respectively. To each module, there is a Quiz, a SurveyMonkey document with nine questions. To pass a Quiz, seven of the nine questions much be answered correctly. When a Rotarian or Rotaractor have passed all three Quizzes, s/he is approved, and will count as one of the two members required from the Club. Additional Club members are encouraged to complete the qualification. It is a good way to learn more about the Rotary Foundation and its Grants program. In addition to having at least two of its Club members pass the three Quizzes, a Rotary or Rotaract Club must submit a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) to the District. The MOU must be signed by the President and President Elect. The MOU is also valid for one Rotary year. The copy of the MOU is available on the District’s website. Applications for Global Grant projects are made online on the website of Rotary International ( and can be made throughout the year. District Grant applications for the 2022-23 Rotary year must be made on a form posted on the District’s website. The deadline for a District Grant project application is May 31 2022 and must be submitted to the District. Rotary and Rotaract Clubs may contact PDG Lars Henriksson,, cell 416 402 6093 for further information on the Club qualification for the Rotary Foundation’s Grant program as well as specific questions related to Global and District Grants.
Upcoming Rotary Events:
  • Great Lakes Watershed Cleanup
    Please mark your calendar for Saturday April 23, for our 2nd Annual 'Great Lakes Watershed Cleanup' Event.  We will be joined by 100's of other Clubs from additional Districts surrounding the Great Lakes.  This is our day to show 'Rotary in Action' on a massive scale, and promote 'Environmental Sustainability' within our communities.  Pull out your T-Shirt from last year, and sign-up.  In addition, please invite family, friends and neighbours to participate with us.  What a great opportunity for us to promote our 'Rotary Day of Service', where the goal is to involve 25% non-Rotarians.  We started an 'important' tradition last year, which is exciting to continue and build upon. Your District Environmental Action Committee will be reaching out to each Rotary and Rotaract Club in the coming days, with more details.  (Contact
  • D7070 Conference to be May 13-15, 2022 at the Courtyard by Mariott in Oshawa Ontario. Registration is $249 before September 1 and limited rooms for $129 per night. 'Be a Driver for Change.' Now that we are able to proceed with the amazing District Conference 2022, we have been able to extend the Marriott Hotel, Oshawa group rate of $129 until March 27th.   All new registrations from 6:00 a.m. today (Tuesday the 22nd) until Sunday, March 27th at midnight will be entered into a draw for a beautiful gift basket. This promises to be a super Conference and it will be awesome to be able to get together for some great Rotary fellowship.   Attached you will find the brochure for the Conference for your reading pleasure.   Register for the Conference by copying the link into your browser. Any questions, please get in touch!  
  • Rotary International Convention 2022 in Houston Texas June 4-8, 2022. Registration is now open. The Rotary fun doesn’t have to stop with our virtual convention! Join us next year at the 2022 Rotary International Convention in Houston, Texas, from 4-8 June 2022. No matter who you are or where you’re from, you’re bound to find inspirational moments throughout the convention. 16 June is the last day to take advantage of the special registration rate of $425. So, register and pay today to get the best rate.
  • Incoming RI President Jennifer Jones plans to start her year off with a two week cross Canada tour to showcase Canada to the World. She plans to be in the GTA July 5th and getting her hands dirty with People of Action projects and activities.
  • Jennifer Jones- Imagine Canada Tour- As I've communicated in the past weeks, we have soon to be RI President, Jennifer Jones coming to the Toronto area on Tuesday, July 5th, 2022.  The Multi District Planning team have decided to coordinate a 3 part day: Starting with a Watershed clean up in the morning, Kids against Hunger food packing in the afternoon with a Fab TRF Fundraising dinner in the evening.  So to make this happen we need committee members and chairs for each of the events.  We also need committee members to manage the day: Transportation,  Marketing & Promotion, Budget, Finance & Legal, Technology, Outreach Broadcasting and Sponsorships.  If you would like to work on or co-chair these committees please contact Michele Guy, or DG Ron Dick,  We need your responses by Tuesday, Feb 1st (yes I know that's tomorrow) for the multi district Committee to draft the committees.  This event will showcased in the April edition of the Canada Rotary magazine.  Let's do District 7070 proud!
  • Rotary District 7070 is excited to announce the 2022 Rotary Youth Leadership Symposium, May 26-29, 2022 taking place at the beautiful Ganaraska Forest Centre, an environmentally sensitive, overnight outdoor education facility located in the heart of the majestic Ganaraska Forest just north of Port Hope! The 3 night experience is geared toward youth between the ages of 17-23 and will offer an inspiring program: Diversity, Equity and Inclusion, Indigenous Culture, Hands-on Activities, Group Dynamics, Toastmasters/Public Speaking, Outdoor Survival and GPS Geocache adventures along with camp fires, friendship and tonnes of fun and learning!!!  All this for only $299 per participant which covers all programs, accommodation, and meals.  Rotary Clubs are encouraged to find and sponsor eligible participants within their community, as well as members of the Rotaract and Interact Clubs that they host.  There are only 30 spots available so act fast!  For inquiries and to receive a registration form, please contact PDG Mark Chipman at 
  • Go to District web site for more information on any of these events.
  • Check out the District Facebook Page, Twitter, Instagram, Linkedin and Youtube channels to see what is happening in the District. Past Tuesday Talks available for viewing.
Song: When Irish Eyes Are Smiling (they were not smiling today as we butchered the song)
Sharing Pot: $16 won by R Steve S who donated it to the club
Happy Bucks:  to be here, passed drivers test on Sunday, back live and in person, back to work, off Thursday and Friday, to be here and see others, BOOM at Capitol, to see everyone, another Wednesday, Happy to Meet - Sorry to Part - Happy to Meet Again, lots of $$ coming in, back home in couple weeks, auction coming up.
Rotary Minute:
Rotaract Clubs by the numbers
10,000 + Rotaract Clubs worldwide in 179 countries = 230,000 + members
The Strange Case of Gordon Willmen
R Daniel needed no introduction today as he shared with us the 'Strange Case of Gordon Willmen'.
Gordon was in his late 50's in 2003 and living in an old house with a long driveway on Old Wooler Road. Gordon had a checkered past and criminal record when he took in two people, Darlene Quick and Barry Phillips. 
Gordon's brother hadn't seen him for few days so went looking for him and when he didn't find him he reported him missing. The police searched the home and found Gordon's body is a shallow grave near a fire pit. Gordon had been shot and a search was then made for Darlene and Barry who were found at a campground in the Orillia area.
Barry was in the Lindsay Jail on 1st degree murder charges and he called Daniel to defend him. Daniel had represented Barry's wife in the past. Legal aid was approved for Barry. Daniel had won previous cases involving murder.
Barry told his story: he and Darlene had been evicted from their place in Trenton and Darlene knew Gordon so arranged to stay with Gordon for a few months.
Gordon was not supposed to have any firearms as part of his parole. However, he did have a rifle at his place and kept it loaded apparently due to recent threats to himself.
After Barry and Darlene had been staying with Gordon, Gordon had ideas about his relationship with Darlene she did not agree with. So one day when Gordon returned, she met him in the driveway with Gordon's rifle. Gordon never got out of his truck and somehow the gun went off and Gordon was shot and killed. Barry watched everything from the house. Darlene didn't know the gun was loaded.
They buried Gord's body and disappeared to Niagara Falls for a couple days, then returned and took some camping things and left again. Camping in Orillia they were recognized and arrested.
Daniel said there were books of witness statements in a case like this and lots of interest from the press. A preliminary inquiry was held in Brighton that concluded there was sufficient evidence to go to trial which it did in Cobourg. The charge was 1st degree murder which requires there was a plan to commit murder but the case was week. The crown's position was that Barry was part of the planning. But Barry said there was no plan, it just happened.
It was to be a trial by jury.
In the middle of the trial, the judge got another judge involved and through legal consultation, Darlene's charges were reduced to 2nd degree murder (no plan or intent) and Barry's charged were reduced to manslaughter (he was an accessory after the fact). Both Darlene and Barry agreed to the facts in writing and accepted responsibility to the lesser charges.
The case took couple years to take its course from July 2003 to 2006.
R Daniel commented on the fatefull decisions that we make at times.
Service Above Self