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Brighton Rotary News April 13 2018
Members: 13
Guests: Honourary Rotarian Jeff, Stephanie McBride from Junior Achievement, and Exchange student Emmy
  • Letter from Loyalist College who celebrated 50 years in 2017. As part of that celebration, the College is recognizing donors for support through the years on a Panel in their donor wall. Brighton Rotary for an accumulated donation of $5,250 will be in the 'Supporters' category as 'Rotary Club of Brighton'. There will be a recognition reception on May 31, 2018 at 5:30pm.
  • Bar B Q season is starting - Hospice Walk at Memorial Park Sunday May 6 starting at 9am to set up - R Jeff B and R Bob B will Bar B Q, need help with trailer
    • request from Spring Valley PS - Thursday May 17, set up at 4:45, serve at 5:15, food provided we only cook
    • Big Give at King Edward Park June 2
    • No Frills Eat Together event June 22, request from Mike and Lori to assist, more info to follow.
    • Request to participate at Canada Day - July 1
  • Diners and Duffers books available. Please sell as this is an excellent fund raiser for the club.
  • R Dan K away skiing but may need some encouragement to get up early for Rotary Friday mornings.
  • R Murray away today due to knees.
  • Fishing Derby sign up sheet has few open spots, R Murray may call you.  May 4 to 6 weekend.
  • Brighton Rotary Golf Tournament at Barcovan June 18, 2018. We will limit teams to 18 only. Go out and get sponsors and teams for this important Club social and fundraiser.
  • Board meeting will be April 17 at R Dan's home. Guests wellcome.
  • Relay for Life - Luminary Ceremony at King Edward Community Centre - R Mark and R Jeff B attended. R Jeff had a plaque for the club for our support over the years.
  • RLI at Centenial College Saturday April 14, all levels, club will pay costs.
  • R Ricardo advised the club that our inbound exchange student for next year will be a young lady from Brazil, not Argentina.
    • Eloisa de Castro Costa is 16 years old and is from Presidents Venceslau, Sao Paulo Brazil. She lives with her parents and has a 12 year old sister. Her city is small, lovely and safe where people talk and help foreigners. Her parents have an aerial photography company. Her father is a pilot and photographer and manages the company (Agape Imagem). Eloisa and her mother do the housework.
    • Eloisa is in 2nd year at her high school at Colegio Venceslauense, a private school that takes Objetivo as its teaching method. She is the class representative and they are developing a project to think more about he collective because they have reached the conclusion that this is very important to learn how to work in a team and have an open mind to listen to new ideas.
    • She has done volunteer work with a non-government organization (CAICA) with kids and she still has contact with them as her mother is a volunteer there.
    • She dances and performs in festivals and competitions. She also does Krav Maga (military self defense system developed by Israel Defence Forces). She also takes swimming lessons.
    • She likes to read and learn new languages. She avoids sugar for a health option. She loves dogs, swimming, camping and nature, listen to music and talk to people.
    • She thanks us for hosting her and she is looking forward to her exchange.
  • Spelling Bee to be at Brighton Public and Smithfield this year in May.
  • District Assembly at BMO LI Saturday May 12 - all encouraged to attend, great learning opportunity.
  • Street Dance will be July 28th.
  • Interclub BBQ - August 20 at Proctor Park. Hope to have help from Campbellford with large trailer with tables and chairs.
  • Applefest Food Booth - September 29
  • R Victoria proposed Octoberfest Dance October 20.
  • Appears that with 57 students registered for Camp Enterprise, this event will go ahead. We need drivers May 3 and 5, sponsors at $300 each, and mentors.
  • District Conference next year to be held in Wellington October 27th. 'Rotary Reunion'. Easy to attend and minimal cost. Register in D7070 web site, also opportunity to host fellow Rotarian from away.
  • District Grant presentation at Northumerland Sunrise Rotary this week - to World of Difference. Brighton Rotary contributed $2,000 to this program to support young women from war -torn countries to get a better education, so they can return as leaders for the rebuilding of their country. Brighton, Northumberland Sunrise, Port Hope and Toronto East all contributed to this program with matching grant from District. This money will help a girl from Syria complete grade 11 and 12 at Trafalgar Castle School in Whitby, an all girls private school, to prepare for University. Trafalgar Castle School is donating tuition and boarding for the student. Rotary funds help with other costs such as medical etc. She will transfer to another program for post secondary education.
l-r, District Grants Chair Laars Henriksson, Trafalgar Castle School Head Dr. Leanne Foster, R Helen Walsh and P Kevin McAlpine
Song - I've Been Working on the Railroad
50/50 - $15.00 won by R Dan T (again, call him Lucky Dan) who gave funds to Emmy
Happy Bucks:  grandaughter going to Hawaii as part of Wish foundation and wishing grandparents good go, Stephanie's presentation, Luminary celebration last night, to be back in Canada, boss is back, gran kids coming, Brighton clothing Depot holding fundraiser for Humboldt community, sun today, schedule firming up for campaign, Junior Achievement program, Cuba trip with great weather, trip to Holland.
Rotary Minute: R Keith shared how Rotarian Jenna Buscemi from the Rotary Club of Houston Energy Corridor, Texas, wears her hair purple. She gets strange glances, but she thrives on that as she takes opportunity to talk to people and explain the facts about Rotary and polio. Many people don't know polio is still around and certainly are unaware of this global eradication program started by Rotary, or how close we are.
There was some suggestions that certain Rotarians in Brighton should do the same. People can dream.
Emmy's Bucket List
Christmas and Fairs
Join different sports
Blue Jay game
Wonderland in Toronto
Riding a forest trail in the fall
Fire a firework in daylight
Try surfing
Joining YMCA
Junior Achievement
R Patty introduced Stephaine:
Stephanie McBride is the Area Coordinator for Junior Achievement PLM and has been a part time staff for approximately 8 months. This role is new and different from any position she has held previously, but is very meaningful and rewarding. Previous to Junior Achievement Stephanie worked for United Way as a Community Development Officer before taking a leave to be a mother. Due to the hiatus of a physical entity working within Northumberland County for Junior Achievement, Stephanie was brought on board to try and create meaningful relationships and help with the future success of not only Junior Achievement but the youth within our community.
Junior Achievement - Peterborough, Lakeland, Muskoka (JA-PLM) is part of the world's largest nonprofit organization partnering with educators, volunteers and investors to bring real world business experience into the classroom. Our programs develop financial literacy, workforce readiness and entrepreneurial skills for students in grades 3 through 12. JA PLM has been joining youth & businesses through volunteers, educators and specially designed programs in the classroom for over 10 years.
As young people are Canada’s next generation of leaders and are the most meaningful investment in future prosperity. Their success depends on having the support, tools and resources needed to realize their dreams and nurture success. Our goal is to encourage our students to consider and reflect on the advantages of remaining in school until they have acquired the knowledge, attitudes and skills to undertake the longer term goal of a successful career.
Stephanie explained that their programs have been updated to be more interactive. Programs called 'Economics for Success' and involve one full day in class. Volunteers can get about 1 1/2 hours of training from Junior Achievement (JA).
They teach about dollars and sense, about finances, credit, and savings. They offer programs geared to grade 3 students to grade 12. At the high school level it is more about being an entrepreneur. At grade 6 it is more about money, teaching about lending, borrowing.
This year JA has programs set up at Brighton PS, for grade 7 and 8 students.
JA tracks success. They estimate for every $1 invested teaching kids, it turns into $45 down the road.
Stephanie is looking for volunteers to assist bringing the programs to students at Brighton PS this spring. Dates not set yet.
Service Above Self