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Jul 17, 2018
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Jul 28, 2018
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Proctor Park
Aug 20, 2018
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Jul 27, 2018
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Brighton News July 6 2018
Members: 12
Guests: Liesje Wagner Letson, guest of R Rudy
  • Past Rotarian Ernie Everingham passed May 14 at age of 81. There will be a Celebration of his life at MacCoubrey Funeral Home in Cobourg Sunday July 8 at 1pm (30 King Street East)
  • Next board meeting July 10th at R Patty's home.
  • Pres Patty distributed 2018 / 2019 theme pins to members - Be the Inspiration
  • President's Bar B Q - July 17th at R Dan Thompson's home. $30 each person. Club Runner invitation and registration will go out to Friends of Rotary and past Rotarians.
  • Street Dance - July 28th. R Clay circulating duty roster.
  • Interclub BBQ - August 20 at Proctor Park. Campbellford Rotary will bring trailer with 180 chairs, 30 x 6' tables and lots of other stuff. Club Runner invitation and registration will go out to district.
  • Applefest Food Booth - September 29
  • District Conference next year to be held in Wellington October 27th. 'Rotary Reunion'. Register in D7070 web site, also opportunity to host fellow Rotarian from away.
  • R Ricardo is looking for host families for coming year. Abby McDougal our outbound in France returning July 18. Our new outbound Rochelle is going to Taiwan about August 20th. Our inbound student from Brazil expected to arrive mid August.
  • 2019 is Brighton Rotary's 30th anniversary.
  • Campbellford Rotary is holding a street dance with Freddy Vette and the Flames, Saturday July 14th. They will be celebrating 90 years as a club.
  • Wellington Rotary presenting 'Saturday Night Fever Disco Ball' August 25th, 2018 at Wellington Community Centre, Highline Hall. Tickets $85/each.
  • R Chris is looking for annual dues from members.
  • R Chris advised Diners and Duffers netted the club about $3,700. We sold 111 books.
  • No Meeting July 13
  • R Mark shared that guest John Rowley from the Blackstone Rotary Club in Australia enjoyed sharing our meeting with us last week.
Song - Row, Row, Row Your Boat as a round
50/50 - $23.00 won by R Pat who will treat her grand kids with it.
Happy Bucks:  a beautify day at a wonderful setting for breakfast, came as immigrants to Canada and thankful immigrants still welcome in Canada, living the life of a dream, feeling good and glad to be back, holidays getting close, good time at Friday meetings, new President, remembering tours of other Rotarian's businesses, not required to take notes, nothing happens unless we make it happen, Art on Main this weekend,
Rotary Minute:  R Mark shared thoughts from recent Rotary magazine, from Rotary Trustee Ron Burton - He missed some Rotary meetings, felt it was a waste of time, until he was asked to take a role. He became engaged.
4 goals related to Foundation; end Polio, sustainable projects, use all District Designated Funds, and building the Endowment Fund.
Brighton Rotary Visioning Session
We join Rotary for two principle reasons:
For business and networking opportunities.
To give back to local Community.
We stay for the relationships we create at Rotary. Many of us expand our humanitarian goals from local to global through Rotary.
In 2014, we engaged Bruce Davis to take us through a similar strategic planning exercise. We reviewed Club health through the Rotary areas of Service:
  • Club Service
  • Community
  • Vocational
  • International
  • New Generations
How does what we do tie into Rotary Areas of Focus, which are:
  1. Promoting Peace
  2. Fighting Disease
  3. Clean Water
  4. Education
  5. Mothers and Children
  6. Growing Local Economics
One of my goals is that some day, Brighton Rotary sponsors a Peace Scholar.
As a club, we then shared some ideas:
Socials are important.
Dinner meetings once in a while with partners.
Movies, film festival, possibly with Rotary focus.
Have Fun.
We need at strategic goal, a purpose.
Our size is small, need new members.
Community Focus
New members, why do they join, why do they stay.
Membership Committee
We need to expose friends to Rotary, ask and invite them to an event.
Membership - each one bring one, bring a guest.
We need a strategic goal, a project we all get behind.
Service Above Self