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Brighton Rotary News September 21 2018
Members: 14
Guests: Joyce Cassin, Rene Schmidt from The Beacon, our inbound exchange student Eloisa from Brazil
New Member Application
The following person has been nominated for membership in the Rotary Club of Brighton:  
Joyce Cassin with the classification of Real Estate
Should any member have knowledge why membership should not be offered to this person, they have the right and obligation to inform the Secretary in writing within 10 days of this notice.
  • Invoice from Metroland Media. Don't know for what?
  • R Ricardo advises that our outbound student Rochelle in Taiwan has a blog. More to come on address for the Blog.
  • Eloisa shared that she has 5 exchange students coming for Applefest and staying over at her host parents home.
  • Eloisa is part of the ENSS Terry Fox fundraising, a band leader. She is also looking to volunteer with the Food Bank and helping with meals at the United Church.
  • R Murray advised that LIONS have invited Rotarians and guests Monday night at 6:30pm at the Community Centre regarding Sex Trafficing along Hwy 401 corridor.
  • R Ricardo advised there will be District training at Trent Port Marina, Thursday September 27, 6 - 9pm regarding changes to the Youth Exchange Program.
  • R Mark advised that Ontario Parks is taking over the Lighthouse restoration and expect completed by the end of the year.
  • Next Board meeting at R Victoria's home October 16 at 6:30pm
  • DG Mary Lou's visit will be November 8th at Quinte Sunrise who meet at Bridy's in Belleville. 7am. Brighton will meet with Quinte Sunrise for this event. No meeting in Brighton Nov 9. We will present Singing trophy to Quinte Sunrise at this time.
  • R Victoria promoted Christmas Dinner and party. Cost $5 each plus pay your own dinner at Whistling Duck. Note that R Chris's address is 107 Mills, not 109.
  • Celebration of Life of Ken Gibson at the Sandpiper Centre on September 29 at 2pm.
  • Brighton Rotary Auction and Dinner May 11, 2019
  • Plan for Brighton Rotary to participate in Christmas Parade November 16.
  • R Victoria encouraged members to join party committee. Sorry the fundraising committee.
  • Applefest - Kate and Sandy Pearsall have agreed to spearhead this year again and plan to do hot dogs and pulled pork. Duty roster being circulated.
  • Prepay breakfast cards available next week. 5x$12 = $60. Can use plastic to purchase cards.
  • No Frills Raffle tickets available. Please don't forget your shift. Some opening still exist.
  • Foundation Walk Sunday September 30th. R Steve and Allison will attend, but arriving late. Pledge form for foundation circulated.
  • Eloisa needs ride to Foundation Walk
Song - Three Blind Mice
50/50 - $15.00 won by R Pat who will spend it on her grandkids
Happy Bucks:  for presentation, neighbours, weekends with friends, coleslaw production, becoming an uncle again, support of The Beacon Youth Centre, summer still here, another grandpa, good work of the Beacon, ex Cadet reunion with 38 attendees after 55 years, Quinte West doctor recruitment program, great evening last night, SPA Sunday, family get together Saturday.
Rotary Minute: From Paul Harris's book - My Road to Rotary, "Friendship was the foundation rock on which Rotary was built and tolerance is the element which holds it together".
The Beacon Youth Centre
R Keith introduced Rene Schmidt, former Director of The Beacon. Rene is originally from Holland and a York University Graduate in Creative Writing. Rene has done many things in his life, he is a multi faceted person.
The Beacon's Light still Shines.
The Beacon provides a Safe Haven for youth, both from Brighton Public School and ENSS. They have 3 pool tables, a Foosball table, and other activity centres. They provide free lunches for kids during the school week. Typically healthy lunches. Vito's provides pizza's on Wednesdays. It is a heated place in winter, with air conditioning in summer.
They are open 7 to 9pm Monday to Thursday as a drop in centre for youth.
Volunteers prepare the lunches and attend when the centre is open to be a friend and listen to the kids.
There is a sign in book and rules at the Centre.
They help  and encourage kids with part time jobs. There are many 'Feel Good' stories out of the Beacon.
This past summer they had a summer program. Sometimes they arrange trips for the kids.
They operate under Youth Unlimited.
Visitors are welcome to learn and see what it is about. Volunteers need a police check.
In 2016/ 17 they had 5,300 visits, or 30 to 50 per day.
They appreciate support from organizations and they do some of their own fundraising. $1,000 donation gets logo on their material. 5 local churches support the Beacon, as well as the Municipality.
R Jeff P thanked Rene.
Service Above Self