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Brighton Rotary News June 29 2018
Members: 14
Guests: Emmy Riktor exchange student from Norway, Rochelle Bretton and parents Brenda and Ivon (Rochelle is our 2018 / 2019 outbound exchange student), Laetitia de Witt from St. Catharines South, Rotarin John Rowley from Blackstone Australia (club of 7), Rudy's daughter
  • Dear President Steve and members of the Rotary Club of Brighton,
Our Parish Picnic at St Paul’s Anglican Church was a great success this past Sunday, June 24. To help make it so was the use of the Rotary BBQ which the club so kindly made available to us. It made the preparation of the food so much easier and more efficient.
I’d like to make special mention of our appreciation for the help given by Rotarian Rudy Wagner to get the BBQ to the Parish Hall, and then back to its usual place of storage. Thank you, Rudy, for taking the time and providing the means for transporting the BBQ.
Thank you very much to you and club membership for the use of the Rotary BBQ on Sunday, June 24.
This comes on behalf of the leadership of St Paul’s, Mrs Mary Lou Workman who did an excellent job of coordinating the Parish Picnic, and the whole congregation.
Most sincerely, Keith Joyce (Fr) (and Rotarian)
  • Thank you from Holly Tetslaff, ENSS student, for her invitation to breakfast on June 15, 2018. She appreciated the opportunity to meet us and share her experience of Camp Enterprise.
  • Next board meeting July 10th at R Patty's home.
  • President's Bar B Q - July 17th at R Dan Thompson's home. Sign up sheet going around. $30 each person.
  • Street Dance - July 28th.
  • Interclub BBQ - August 20 at Proctor Park. Campbellford Rotary will bring trailer with 180 chairs, 30 x 6' tables and lots of other stuff.
  • Applefest Food Booth - September 29
  • RI Convention, R Steve and R Clay shared couple stories of volunteering.
  • District Conference next year to be held in Wellington October 27th. 'Rotary Reunion'. Register in D7070 web site, also opportunity to host fellow Rotarian from away.
  • R Ricardo is looking for host families for coming year. Emmy returns to Norway July 2 and plans to go on trip to Greece with her Norway class. Abby McDougal our outbound in France returning July 18. Our new outbound Rochelle is going to Taiwan about August 20th. Our inbound student from Brazil expected to arrive mid August.
  • 2019 is Brighton Rotary's 30th anniversary.
  • Campbellford Rotary is holding a street dance with Freddy Vette and the Flames, Saturday July 14th. They will be celebrating 90 years as a club.
  • Wellington Rotary presenting 'Saturday Night Fever Disco Ball' August 25th, 2018 at Wellington Community Centre, Highline Hall. Tickets $85/each.
  • R Clay has stickers for local businesses who support Rotary in 2018.
  • R Murray presented some Brighton Rotary clothing that is surplus, a XL jacket and T-shirts of various sizes for $5.
Song - Home on the Range
50/50 - $17.00 won by R Clay who will donated it to Foundation.
Happy Bucks:  World Cup, new president, exchange student program, summer, presentation, weather, grand kids singing happy birthday, anniversary at St. Anne's Spa, going and growing.
Rotary Minute:  R Murray shared thoughts from recent Rotary magazine. Take Action, Lasting Change and to create change in the world.
After the meeting, a group picture was taken for Emmy who returns to Norway July 2. She was given a Canadian Flag to take home.
2018 Outbound Exchange Student Rochelle Bretton
R Ricardo introduced Rochelle as our 2018 / 2019 outbound exchange student. A very mature student.
Rochelle told us a little about herself, her love of travel and photography.
She is going to Taiwan in August. It was her first choice, a choice she made at the winter camp. She didn't go to camp with Taiwan as her goal, but it changed at camp. She is looking for new and very different cultural experiences.
Service Above Self