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Brighton Rotary News June 15 2018
Members: 15
Guests: R Rob Cole from Campbellford Club, Holly Tetzlaff and Kylie Kinnear both from ENSS and participants at Camp Enterprise
  • News letter from New Life Girls Home. As explained to us, the home is going to have some renovations done, so they are in an intermission phase, as they launch the Home into the next 30 years. They provide a safe place for young women with life controlling issues to experience healing and transformation. At this time, they are looking for new Board members with specific skills. On June 25th, they are having a designers dinner event but you need to reserve spot. They are also looking for continued financial support. If any of this interests you, ask me for details.
  • Disaster Aid USA newsletter with generic request for support, specifically for State of Hawaii.
  • Bar B Q Season - duty rosters
    • No Frills Eat Together event June 22.  R Patty has this event under control.
    • BBQ at Anglican Church June 24th. R Murray has this organized.
  • Next board meeting July 10th at R Patty's home.
  • Brighton Rotary Golf Tournament at Barcovan June 18, 2018. Please remember your duties. See you Monday and let's have FUN.
  • President's Bar B Q - July 17th at R Dan Thompson's home.
  • Street Dance - July 28th.
  • Interclub BBQ - August 20 at Proctor Park. Campbellford Rotary will bring trailer with 180 chairs, 30 x 6' tables and lots of other stuff.
  • Applefest Food Booth - September 29
  • RI Convention in Toronto needs volunteers.
  • District Conference next year to be held in Wellington October 27th. 'Rotary Reunion'. Register in D7070 web site, also opportunity to host fellow Rotarian from away.
  • R Ricardo is looking for host families for coming year. Emmy returns to Norway early July and plans to go on trip to Greece with her Norway class. Abby McDougal our outbound in France returning July 18. Our new outbound Rochelle is going to Taiwan about August 20th. Our inbound student from Brazil expected to arrive mid August.
  • 2019 is Brighton Rotary's 30th anniversary.
  • Campbellford Rotary is holding a street dance with Freddy Vette and the Flames, Saturday July 14th. They will be celebrating 90 years as a club.
  • Deadline for District Grant applications extended to June 15, 2018. This is for the 2018 / 2019 year.
  • Inter-Rotary Spelling Bee held in Belleville June 9th.
  • Join Trenton Rotary club members as we enlighten, entertain and just have some fun with Russian Rotarians. This is a rare opportunity to get together and share the virtues of Rotarian fellowship and our communities with a group of fun loving Russian Rotarians who are extending their RI Convention stay, just a bit longer, to experience the hospitality of Quinte West and PEC Rotarians. Come along and join us to help tell our story, enjoy some wine, hear about life and the good work of Rotary in Russia and be connected with others close to home and farther away. June 30th - Cost - $85 - includes lunch with wine flight. Email transfer money or drop it off at Trenton Pet Hospital in an envelop labeled - Wine Tour - Jinni - Space is limited - come on the bus - have some fun! Here is the itinerary.
  • 10:45 Bus arrives 11:00 AM Depart Trenton Pet Hospital (parking is free and abundant!) 455 Front St. Trenton
  • 11:30 AM Arrive at Norman Hardie Winery 1152 Greer Road Wellington LUNCH WILL BE SERVED 1:00 PM Depart  
  • 1:15 PM Arrive Sanbanks Winery 17598 Loyalist Parkway 1:45 PM Depart  
  • 2:00 PM Arrive Keint-He Winery 49 Hubbs Creek Road 2:30 Depart  
  • 2:45 Arrive Hinterland Wine Company 1258 Closson Road, Hillier 3:15 Depart   4:00 PM Arrive Parsons Brewing Company 876 County Road 49, Picton 5:00 PM Depart  
  • 5:15 PM Dinner, your own cost 7:00 PM Depart 8:00 PM Arrive Trenton Pet Hospital 
  • Most of you know that PPLPS is having their last major fundraising event at the "Arena" on Saturday, June 23 @ 5:00pm.. Of course, we would like to see more Rotary support and tickets are still available and are only $40 each - just let me know, asap.  Details of the event are attached.  However, we are also in dire need of some help selling 1.       Raffle tickets  a.       From 5:00 to 6:30 (Need 3)   b.      From 6:30 to 8:30 (Need 2)   2.       Beverage tickets from 6:30 - 8:15 (Need 1 or 2) 3.       Beverage Behind The Bar helpers from 6:30-9:00  If you would like to help us out by volunteering your time, we would appreciate that.. can you please let me know asap so I can fill the time lots in.  Because this is a fund raiser, if you want to enjoy the food and bidding, (we have so many great items that several of the Live Auction items have been pushed into  silent auction items, some of which are listed on our website at, we would ask you to purchase tickets. If you just want to help out during the above time  slots, no tickets are needed.  Thanks. Dave Sharp
  • R Murray presented some Brighton Rotary clothing that is surplus, a XL jacket and T-shirts of various sizes.
  • On Wednesday, R Daphne and Steve presented a PHF to Mrs. Warren at the ENSS Appreciation end of year assembly. Mrs. Warren sent the following thank you letter.
I want to take this opportunity to properly thank you for the award that you presented me with yesterday. I did not fully comprehend what was happening at the time and you may laugh when I explain why. We do not usually hold assemblies on Wednesdays and the change in the schedule for the day was creating some challenges when it comes to food preparation for our Wednesday Threads lunch. I would normally have period two to finish getting food ready for lunch but because of the assembly, I no longer had that time. I found myself faced with a difficult decision. Do I skip the assembly and get food ready for lunch or do I go to the assembly and not have the food ready? I decided to skip the assembly and face the consequences that might follow. What I didn’t realize was how quickly I would be found out – busted in less than fifteen minutes!!!! I knew as soon as I heard the knock at my classroom door that the gig was up. A fellow colleague was there to inform me that Charlotte (our principal) was looking for me and that he was there to escort me downstairs. “Oh boy” I thought, “I am in big trouble now – my first time skipping an assembly and I am so busted!” I dutifully headed downstairs and walked towards the front of the gym to meet my punishment (totally oblivious to what was happening on the stage I might add). Charlotte motioned for me to follow her and we walked towards the back of the stage. “Oh dear” I thought, “she must be mad if she is taking me back there”. It really started to feel strange when she motioned for me to go up the back stairs behind the curtain towards the stage. I stood there awkwardly while the gentleman on the stage gave his speech but I was so nervous that I did not hear a single word he was saying. Charlotte must have sensed that I was not aware of what was happening and then, and only then, informed me that I was receiving an award. I am not sure what I said after that because I was too busy thanking God that I still had a job. Before I knew it I was on the stage in front of the whole school feeling the need to confess my sin and explain my whereabouts. I think I said something about being busted the very first time I skipped an assembly… but that I needed to put the icing on the cupcakes in time for lunch… It was definitely not the most eloquent response to such a prestigious award.
After lunch I had a few minutes to sit down and reflect on the events of the morning. I knew that I had gotten an award but I wasn’t quite sure what it was really all about. When I researched the significance of being named a Paul Harris Fellow, I realized just how big a deal it was. I am honored, humbled and truly touched by such a kind and considerate gesture when you have already given so much to my Threads program. I am not sure that someone who skips an assembly deserves this kind of award but I can assure you that I am truly thankful for it.
Take care. Martha
Song - In the Good Ole Summer Time
50/50 - $17.50 won by R Dan T who donated to Foundation.
Happy Bucks:  cloths to go, hosting Emmy, World Cup, Camp Enterprise students and their presentation, Florida shopping trip, following in Holly's path, International plaid day, really happy in spite of very busy week and garage full of daughter's things, attending Symphony, boat launch.
Rotary Minute:   Sorry I forgot again. Let's see if R Patty reads this and fines me next week.
Camp Enterprise 2018 presentation from Students
R Daphne introduced Hollie Tetzlaff and Kylie Kinnear, both ENSS students and participants in this year's Camp Enterprise at Trent University May 3 to 5.
Hollie and Kylie took turns sharing their experiences at Camp Enterprise. It was held at Lady Eaton College at Trent University. Hollie who is heading to the University of New Brunswick thought is was a good introduction to the University atmosphere, living in residence and eating in dining hall.
They were organized in various teams, identified with different coloured T-shirts. They met various Rotarians as mentors. The camp started with mixers to get to know other people.
They heard a variety of great speakers talking about their business experiences. They also had various games and competitions to earn points for their teams. Hollie enjoyed the Labour / Management negotiation game.
Kylie's team were all leaders so they had to learn to work together.
Hollie enjoyed the 'Hollywood Bowl', a game where each team were given a box of props. They had to make up a skit using all of the various items in the box.
The learned life skills.
Kylie was impressed by the owner of Olympus Burger in Port Hope.
Hollie was impressed by former ENSS student Chris Grouchy and his success in business at a young age.
R Daphne thanked the girls.
Service Above Self