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Sep 29, 2018
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Brighton Rotary News September 14 2018
Members: 16
Guests: Joyce Cassin, Peter Parmentier, Laetitia de Witt from St. Catharines South, our inbound exchange student Eloisa from Brazil
New Member Application
The following person has been nominated for membership in the Rotary Club of Brighton:  
Joyce Cassin with the classification of Real Estate
Should any member have knowledge why membership should not be offered to this person, they have the right and obligation to inform the Secretary in writing within 10 days of this notice.
P Patty presented PP Steve with a lovely clock for service as Club President in 2017/18.
  • Thank you from the Brighton Fare Share Food Bank for the funds collected and donated at the recent No Frills food drive by Rotary ($212.00)
  • Late invite from ENSS to their Terry Fox pancake breakfast this morning at 8am.
  • Next Board meeting at R Victoria's home October 16 at 6:30pm
  • DG Mary Lou's visit will be November 8th at Quinte Sunrise who meet at Bridy's in Belleville. 7am. Brighton will meet with Quinte Sunrise for this event. No meeting in Brighton Nov 9.
  • R Mark thanked all those who helped with BBQ at Spring Valley September 13.
  • R Victoria promoted Christmas Dinner and party. Cost $5 each plus pay your own dinner at Whistling Duck. Note that R Chris's address is 107 Mills, not 109.
  • Saturday September 8th, Rotary 7070 Friendship day in Oshawa. R Steve gave brief overview of presentation and recommends tour of Parkwood Estate.
  • R. Mike McGovern from Town of Cape Elizabeth Maine Rotary Club - is happy to and honoured to take over the position from PDG & Chair Bob Scott who successfully managed to eradicate polio in 20 countries during his term, which makes R. Mike’s job much easier. There are currently only 16 known cases of polio, primarily in Afghanistan and Pakistan. Support from organizations such as WHO, UNICEF and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation are instrumental in the success of the demise of polio. There are fewer and fewer sightings of people who are incapacitated by the disease. The work of Rotary International really matters to the families of those children suffering from polio.
  • Eloisa reported that school is going well, she has joined many events as well as the track team. She visited the Toronto Aquarium on Thursday with former outbound student Abby. She repeated that she is here to help and serve. She is working to get other exchange students to come to Applefest.
  • September 16 Campbellford Rotary has BBQ and show at Westben featuring Sultans of Strings
  • Celebration of Life of Ken Gibson at the Sandpiper Centre on September 29 at 2pm.
  • Brighton Rotary Auction and Dinner May 11, 2019
  • Plan for Brighton Rotary to participate in Christmas Parade November 16.
  • R Victoria encouraged members to join party committee. Sorry the fundraising committee.
  • Applefest - Kate and Sandy Pearsall have agreed to spearhead this year again and plan to do hot dogs and pulled pork. Duty roster being circulated. R Jeff P asked for those who could store some pork in freezer for couple weeks and he got some volunteers.
  • Colborne Rotary Dinner and Auction at Keeler Centre Saturday September 15th. Tickets $80 each or table of 8 for $70 each = $540.
  • Prepay breakfast cards available next week. 5x$12 = $60. Can use plastic to purchase cards.
  • No Frills Raffle tickets available. R Chris reported 308 tickets sold for gross revenue of $1145 so far. Please don't forget your shift. Some opening still exist. Chris will be away for week and R Murray will coordinate.
  • District Membership Seminar will be held in Toronto October 13. Any interest, see R Steve.
  • Foundation Walk Sunday September 30th. R Steve and Allison will attend, but arriving late. Pledge form for foundation circulated.
  • R Victoria announced Curling Club swing and sweep fundraiser Oct 13 at $70 per person.
  • R Keith has tickets for dinner to support Beacon Youth Centre at $20 each. Dinner September 20.
Song - You Are My Sunshine
50/50 - $22.00 won by R Dan who donated it to Foundation
Happy Bucks:  for presentation, to be inspired, good day paddling and golfing, for wife who works with Beacon Youth Centre, loving the weather, RMC Cadet reunion 55 years, integrating all of us, Brighton Fire Chief awarded lightning bolt award for saving life, phase 2 of Laeitia's life yet to be shared, Laetitia and Bob bought a house in Brighton after 7 years when plan was for 7 months, son in 3rd year at University, Club to partner with OPP with driving simulator to teach kids and all of us danger of distracted driving, doggy reunion, for Peter, Empire's 15th anniversary.
Rotary Minute: R Keith shared how Rotarians across continents team up for reconstructive surgeries. Since 1993, Rotarians in Chile and the US have teamed up to provide life-altering reconstructive surgeries.
In 2012, Ricardo Roman was shopping with is wife in Chile when a women in her early 20's approached him. He didn't recognize her for two good reasons. He had last seen her more than a decade earlier and her smile had changed. Roman is the national coordinator of a program that has helped thousands of children in Chile with cleft lips, cleft palates, and other birth defects - including this stranger who now wanted to give Roman a hug. She told him, "This is my Rotarian smile".
The project got started in 1993 when Rotarians from San Francisco sponsored a medical mission for reconstructive surgeries in Chile. That was the beginning of Rotaplast, a program that evolved into a nonprofit organization that has since sent teams to 26 countries. In 2004, Rotarians in Chile assumed leadership of the program in their country.
Laetitia's Inspiration
R Steve introduced Laetitia who has graced our club for several years with a warm smile, enthusiasm and hugs.
Laetitia shared that she has lost some sleep over this presentation. She wants to share her joy and be an inspiration to all to get involved in Rotary and our community. She wants to present like a Fireside Chat, to share her story in an informal way.
She gave a little Rotary history, how classifications were formed to diversify clubs. We all have something to contribute.
Laetitia was born near Cape Town in South Africa. She has an affinity for salt water and the sea. She gave a brief overview of the history of South Africa, As part of the British Common Wealth the schooling system was very British, with uniforms and papers marked in the UK. it is a bilingual country with 2 official languages.
Growing up and going to school in South Africa, it was very male dominated, the boys were the presidents of clubs while girls were expected to be the secretary's. She became one of the leaders in school, although never the secretary. Students were expected to serve the Government for a time after graduating and she was posted to a small remote community with a 250 bed hospital. Laetitia was a Social worker and got involved early in Health Care Management. Her desire to serve started at grade 11 when she and 5 friends saw a need and volunteered to visit seniors with few if any visitors.
She and her husband both wanted a big family. They have 6 children. She now embrace Rotary as part of her family. She immigrated to Canada in 1990. Canada needed doctors so they came and ended up in Alberta.
It was in Alberta that to satisfy her creative side she opened a bridal shop. It was in that role about 1996 that she was first invited to a Rotary meeting. She joined and early on she had the opportunity to replace someone who could not attend the RI Convention in Calgary. With about 25,000 Rotarians, and various break out sessions and booths, she became inspired. She met people and learned a lot. She became involved in a maternal health care initiative between some German clubs that expanded to 50 countries to do work in Nigeria. She worked with this task force for 11 years. Her early career in a northern remote community in South Africa was great experience for her. As a new Rotarian, she became committed and involved in the international project to help communities with clean water, sanitation, maternal and child health, economic development and literacy. She has participated in Polio eradication in New Delhi, worked with 'pennies for polio' where in one year they raised $365,000.
Laetiia has had many roles with Rotary and continues to give. She encourages all of us to stretch, to get involved. Be the Inspiration.
R Murray thanked Laetitia for her inspiration to us all.
Service Above Self