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Brighton Rotary News August 17 2018
Members: 12
Guests: Laetitia de Witt from St. Catharines South, Wendy Pringle daughter or R Murray, Myrle Mathurin soon to be new Rotarian, new inbound exchange student Eloisa Costa from Brazil, returned outbound exchange student Abby McDougal and her family, father Erin McDougal, mother Cacia McDougal and brother Angus McDougal.
New Member Application
The following person has been nominated for membership in the Rotary Club of Brighton:  
Myrle Mathurin with the classification of Accountant
Should any member have knowledge why membership should not be offered to this person, they have the right and obligation to inform the Secretary in writing within 10 days of this notice.
  • Thank you note from former ENSS student Jakob Grubb for Rotary's business award bursary which he used towards new laptop for college.
  • Thank you from Girl Guides of Canada for Rotary's support to local Girl Guide program.
  • From last week, certificate to Brighton Rotary as a bronze Shelter Box Hero in 2017-2018.
  • Next Board meeting at R Pat's home September 10 at 6:30pm
  • Cobourg Rotary Ribfest this weekend at Victoria Park
  • POD#3 needs to organize September speakers, need speakers for Sept 21 and 28.
  • NO Meeting August 24th
  • Next meeting August 31 at The Smokehouse
  • August 25 Wellington Rotary has dinner and auction.
  • September 16 Campbellford Rotary has BBQ and show at Westben featuring Sultans of Strings
  • Brighton Rotary will provide breakfast to riders and support staff of the National Kids Cancer Ride Monday September 24th at King Edward Park. Expect about 50 people, before 8am. More details to come.
  • Possible Brighton Rotary Auction and Dinner May 11, 2019 with Toga party theme
  • Plan for Brighton Rotary to participate in Christmas Parade.
  • R Mark reported that R Bob B is doing much better
Welcome to new inbound exchange student Eloisa Costa from Brazil. We raised the Brazilian Flag.
Eloisa shared the following with us:
"Good morning! My name is Eloisa, I'm 17 years old and I am from Presidente Oenceslau, Sao Paulo state Brazil.I am here to serve. Serve Rotary, Brighton's community, serve people. Making Rotary's official motto 'Service Above Self' my goal. And I am committed to it.
I am at your disposal and I'll be glad to help in anything you may need. As Galatians 5:13 says, For you have been called to live in freedom, but don't use your freedom to satisfy your sinful nature, instead, use your freedom to serve one another in love.'
Now, some information about my hometown:
Presidente Venceslau is a small lovely town that shows the Brazilian way of life. It's 40,000 habitants reveal in their smile the real national culture, not the old stereotype (carnival, samba and soccer).
The Mirante tower, the central park, the walking track to the airport, the old warehouses, traditonal restaurants, japanese chefs and the hotspot called 'initial point' of the town that is located at the old train station (that no longer works) those are interesting tourist attractions which could arouse curiosity.
Japanese immigration and relatives of those who worked at the old train station, and were there when a village was first created, are people capable to explain how Presidente Venceslau was and has been developing since 83 years ago.
Around there, people care and help each other, neighbours greet themselves and some families have lunch together on Sundays (as a tradition), the teachers are close to the students, the atmosphere between classmates is slight so learning becomes easier.
As you could notice before the special character about Brazil is not just the food, the music, the language and the landscape as other countries, it's much more than that. It's about the interpersonal relationships, how people deal and feel about each other, Brazilians do have empathy and this is what makes Brazil, as its national anthem says, our Beloved Homeland."
A Big Thank You to Jenny for Hosting Brighton Rotary these last few months. We wish her and Bill health and happiness in retirement.
Song - Hello Rotarians (in preparation for Interclub Monday night)
50/50 - $22.00 won by R Dan who appears to have had 4 tickets by mistake so donated back to club.
Happy Bucks:  great meeting today, daughter came out to visit Rotary, excellent presentation / wonderful, travel bug stimulated by presentation, Brighton by the Sea (Harbourview), tales from across the sea, being young, trip to airport to meet son and daughter for week at cottage, welcome back Abby and welcome to Eloisa, for a great adventure, French schools are rigid.
Rotary Minute: R Ricardo shared update on former exchange student Brianna Brown who is shortly off to Tiawan, Argentian and Europe visiting exchange students before starting international studies.
Abby McDougal's Presentation as Exchange Student to France
R Ricardo introduced Abby as our outbound exchange student to France last year.
Abby presented 'My Incredible Year' living in the north of France. She has been home about 3 weeks.
She left for France August 29, 2017 with no French language skills. She now considers herself pretty much fluent.
She lived in Cambria France, in the north, a generally well to do town. She went to a Catholic school, only about 400 students.
Her district had about 30 exchange students. She was the only Canadian until January.
Her 1st host family was not good. They kept to themselves, did not socialize with her. Only together at meals. And she didn't know the language. But Rotary was good and got her moved to another family.
During her year, she has the travel bug. She wants to travel. She shared with us her many excursions and trips starting with Mont St. Michelle where she finally met some other Canadian exchange students. This trip was a Rotary orientation event.
She visited:
Dordogne in the south of France. She says the same drug store can be found in every town in France.
Casteleno - a town on a ridge overlooking a river.
She noted a lot of the northern part of France was newer, being rebuilt after the 1st World War, compared to many older buildings that still exist in the south of France, less affected by the war.
Cologne in Germany - they go all out at the Christmas markets
Austria - where she went skiing for the first time. Wiped out pretty good on about the 3rd day. She even went down a black diamond hill but found red diamond best for her.
Kinders are a big deal there.
She visited Paris with her dad in March. There was a hint about the importance of proper foot wear when touring. She had to tape her feet with duct tape at one point due to blisters.
Friends were a big part of making the year a success, especially exchange students.
The Euro Tour was great, about 50 kids. They visited:
Prague - her favourite city, it stole her heart
Venizia - easy to get lost here but no traffic, all boats
Vienna - very clean
Chamonix - very cool, went inside a glacier
Versailles les jardins
Also a couple trips to Vimy. She found this monument humbling, and the interactive displays were very good. It is huge.
Her Challenges included; 1st host family, school, sexism and racism she found in France, and the language until things started to click after about 4 months.
At school she was put in with younger kids who she found socially not her equal (boy drama).
School was very strict and long days (8am to 5pm). Kids would be stressed out about school, and little social. Schedules all the time, and often confusing. There was a gate keeper who may or may not let you leave the grounds say for lunch with friends.
There was no extra curricular events at school. The younger girls were not athletic and boys like sticks.
School food was sometimes good and other times not so.
French food in general was very good, a favourite is melted cheese on potatoes.
She learned to be self reliant and more confident. Before coming home she traveled to 5 countries in 2 days. She Thanked Rotary for the opportunity. She said, Without the darkness, there are no stars.
R Dan thanked Abby.
Service Above Self