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Jan 21, 2018 3:30 PM
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Brighton Rotary News January 19 2018
Members: 14
Guests: Letitia de Witt from the St. Catharines South Rotary Club, Art Chamberlain from the Rotary Club of Campbellford and Ambassador for Shelter Box
  • card and picture from Maya Phaneuf for support from Rotary
  • No Frills $1,000 raffle in March. R Chris has tickets to sell and sign up sheet for shifts will be circulated shortly
  • Exchange student Emmy is moving to her new host family this weekend, to Kristina Ward on Harbour Street
  • District Conference next year to be held in Wellington October 27th. 'Rotary Reunion'. Easy to attend and minimal cost. Register in D7070 web site, also opportunity to host fellow Rotarian from away.
  • Adult Spelling Bee at Trenton Rotary January 29, Brighton defending champions (R Dan has can of Alphagetti to prove it). Looking for one or two teams from Brighton Club
  • January 21, 2018 - Port Hope, Cobourg and Northumberland Sunrise with Northumberland Orchestra & Choir present 'Glorious Hollywood' at Port Hope United Church. Starts at 3:30 pm followed by dinner at one of 6 local restaurants (seating limited). Cost for concert and dinner is $70.
  • R Daphne advised that Early Act students looking for 'unwashed' milk bags to turn into mats for homeless. This is the outer bag they are looking for and don't wash as something in chemical deters bugs.
  • Brighton Rotary interested in supporting girls from Tanzania coming to visit Canada through the ENSS student fund raiser. R Daphne to coordinate on behalf of the Club.
  • Campbellford Super Hero Trivia Night - Saturday February 24 at Rotary Hall. Doors open at 6pm, starts at 7pm. $100 entry per team of up to 8 members. Prizes and fun. To register contact Rob Pope at 705-760-1608 or Email:
Membership Challenge
Time Period - December 1, 2017 to March 31, 2018
1. Teams consist of each of the 3 POD's.
2. Points: 1 point for the presence of a guest as a potential member; 2 points if the guest takes a membership application; 3 points when the guest is inducted.
3. Upon receipt of the application, the usual process for dealing with the application is to be followed.
4. The team at March 31 with the greatest number of points is the winner.
5. Members of the winning team (POD) are to be treated to a breadfast at the expense of the losing teams at a regular Breakfast meeting.
Suggestion - POD's can identify potential individuals to be approached and a Rotarian to approach and invite the individual to join us.
Scores - POD#1 = 1+2 for Lidia taking application Jan 12
POD#2 and POD#3 have some work to do.
Song - Bicycle Built for Two
50/50 - $23.50 won by R Pat
Happy Bucks:  for presentation, for shelter box program, for enjoying winter, warming up.
Rotary Minute: R Keith shared how people can give even after they pass on
Student - Emmy's Bucket List
Christmas and Fairs
Join different sports
Blue Jay game
Wonderland in Toronto
Riding a forest trail in the fall
Fire a firework in daylight
Try surfing
Joining YMCA
Shelter Box Presentation
R Al introduced Art Chamberlain from the Campbellford Rotary Club. R Al also thanked Art.
Art as a Campbellford Rotarian heard about Shelter Box and was interested, so after some research he became a volunteer Ambassador for Shelter Box Canada.
Shelter is a basic human right. In 2000 the Shelter Box program was started in the UK by Rotarians. Their head quarters are in the UK, but have offices now in Canada.
When disaster strikes, teams of 4 or 5 staff and volunteers go to the disaster zone to assess the needs. You can follow on social media.
The basic Shelter Box includes a big tent and materials to survive. They now have modified kits depending on the needs. Some kits are geared to repair dwellings as opposed to providing tents and alternative shelters. They also provide educational supplies for school age kids to continue schooling in camps set up. The kits also include solar lights
Shelter Box has warehouses of supplies at different locations to be able to respond faster. They use local Rotary Club connections to assess the needs and distribute supplies in the areas hit.
Shelter Box is planning to expand to be able to help the millions of people who are displaced due to natural disasters and war.
R Mark found this great article about Shelter Box:
Service Above Self