Annual Fundraising Events

  1. Annual Auction – This is where we make a huge portion of our funds.  In one recent Auction, we had 200 in attendance… we could do more but there is no spot big enough locally to support more than this size. Our members went out and solicited various items that are sold at this auction… we had over 250 items in 2011.  More importantly, it was an excellent opportunity to showcase our efforts to the community and hopefully, recruit more members.  Every member is active in participating in this event via donation, ticket selling, setup, tear down, etc.
  1. Annual Golf Tournament – Thanks to the generosity of the public and in specific, the owner of a local golf course, we have had a lot of success in these tournaments. Our target is to raise funds by a combination of green fees and by some silent auction items that will be solicited by various members of the Rotary Club.  This project is successful with the help of a key group of 10-15 Rotarians.
  1. Annual Diners and Duffers Book.  This has been a successful, but small fund raising event.  Here, we work in conjunction with several local Rotary Clubs and solicit local businesses to provide a discount from one of their services.  Mainly Golf Courses and Restaurants are involved.  We also approach other businesses to advertise in this Book.
    The books are then sold locally each April to raise funds.  Every Rotarian assists in the promotion of this book. Occasionally, we allow other charitable organizations to also sell the books and keep the profit from the sale proceeds as a way of assisting them.
  1. Annual Christmas Ham Drive.  Each November, our Rotary Club works with local business owners and individuals in the sale of Christmas Ham.  Every Rotarian is involved in this project.
  1. Annual Street Dance This has been an annual success during the summer months, where we work with the local DBIA in promoting this event.   It is also good to have a musician in our Club that provides the music. 
  1. Kiwanis Annual Fishing Derby – Each spring on the opening weekend for Pickerel fishing, (first full weekend in May) when we assist (in return for some compensation) the Kiwanis Club in nearby Trenton at a local Brighton fish weigh-in centre. This is an all-night event that needs a lot of volunteers to ensure no one gets over-tired. 
7. ​​​​​​​Ongoing BBQ’s
  1. Canada Day – An annual fundraising event on July 1 in a local park. 
  2. Spring Valley Public School – We are asked to cater this annual family event.
  3. Codrington Community Social – We are asked to cater this annual community event
  4. Applefest – This is a celebration of our local Apple heritage in the last full weekend of September.  This is a street event with a lot of vendors.. crowds are estimated from 6,000 to 10,000. It involves a group of 10-15 Rotarians cooking and serving hot dogs, hamburgers and back bacon on a bun.